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New Patient Forms 

Welcome to Agility Chiropractic! Our new patients will have three forms that will be completed before your consultation begins. The Patient Information, Health History, and Informed Consent forms can be downloaded from the PDF icon to speed up your first appointment!


Next, you will have a consultation with a physician from Agility Chiropractic to address your health goals and concerns as well as discuss potential treatment options. This is designed and tailored to fit your Chiropractic goals and to allow your body to reach its highest health potential.



Following your Chiropractic consultation, Dr. Lewis will perform a whole body physcial evaulation. This will include testing your muscles, reflexes, your ability to turn and bend as well as other standard orthopedic, neurologic, postural, and physical examinations found at any chiropractic practice. During this time the doctor will gain valuable information regarding your condition, pain and wellness, to better care for you



Dr. Lewis uses the Palmer Package technique to achieve long lasting results. His expertise allows patients to begin to experience results from the very first adjustment in terms of improved function, decreased pain, and increased range of motion. Which is what Chiropractic is all about, right?! The spinal adjustment is to improve proper nerve function and increase the bodies ability to heal itself naturally. Each adjustment is performed safely and effectively based on each indivuduals needs.


It's time for you to reach your highest health potential and become a healthier you for all the days to come. We hope to see you soon at Agility Chiropractic!



Altoona Chiropractor
Altoona Chiropractor