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At Agility Chiropractic you will get adjusted your first visit! I enjoy working with patients and helping people as if they are a family member. Chiropractic care works so well for issues such as back pain, sciatica, headaches, neck pain, muscle spams, trouble with energy levels, digestive problems and many more. We offer the modern approaches to healthcare and will get you results! Chiropractic should be easy fun and enjoyable. Agility Chiropractic is the place for your chiropractic care for now and in the future!

Pain & Stiffness

After a thorough examination and evaluation, a spinal adjustment may be performed. Dr. Lewis is a subluxation based practitioner.The main technique Dr. Lewis performs is the correct Gonstead adjustment. This adjustment removes interference from your nervous system and the body responds by healing itself.  Many people now utilize Chiropractors to adjust ribs, colar bones, shoulder blades, elbows, wrists, hips, kness and ankles. Adjusting non-spinal joints helps maintain joint space and keep proper ROM for joint health. 

Core Workouts

There are exercises designed to improve spinal health and prevent towards future quality of your spine. The exercises are designed for the young and the old, the professional athelete and daily worker. Ask for a personal core exercise plan during your exam and one will be provided for you at your next appointment. 

Stretching & Mobility

To hold a spinal adjustment longer, a soft tissue myofascial release maybe performed. There are a wide variety of soft tissue problems found in the Des Moines and Altoona IA areas. Everything from neck and back pain to itis' and extremity pains. Myofascial release is performed to decrease muscle spasms and allow for proper motion and function of the facsia and surrounding muscle tissue.  Many studies have shown how important it is for you to stay healthy at work. You spend almost 1/3 of your life at work in the same positions day in and day out. Agility Chiropractic is here to show you how to better your workplace performace and stay pain free as a benefit! 
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